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Evolution Systems have track record of deployment and management of wireless networks and solutions for different market segments from business users to mission critical applications. Today, users are demanding more advanced, reliable and diverse services, and 5G technology is trying to realize that requirements of Internet of things

Evolution Systems have experience in radio communication which evolved from 3G to 4G, the communications develop into LTE-Advanced Pro as an extended 4G networks. 4G are not only advanced voice and data communication, but also expanding its scope to IoT (Internet of Things) where things are connected to the network. Based on the historical experience, Evolution Systems is very well positioned to deliver services into 5G networks deployment.

Some of the key skills which Evolution Systems can contribute to your 5G network deployment are:

5G is being examined and tested commercially for adoption in various fields of the IoT market (5G-based IoT). With its high-speed transfers, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections, 5G is not only ideal for smartphone and tablet terminal applications, but is also being looked at for automotive, medical/health care, construction, distribution, industrial, forestry/farming/fishery, security, insurance, tourism, retail services, entertainment (VR/AR), public infrastructure (transport and bridge, etc., monitoring), rail and bus passenger transport, home electrical goods (personal computers, game consoles, cleaners, refrigerators, etc.) and more applications. In IoT/5G application fields, such as entertainment, 4K cameras built into drones are being used to screen very realistic pictures, and proof-of-concept tests simulating the sensation of flight (VR) are starting.

In the automotive field, the appearance of 5G has accelerated development of self-driving vehicles and the "connected car", which is leading to the participation of new players in the automotive manufacturing market. Furthermore, 5G is causing a major revolution in the automotive market with changes in industrial structure.

These types of IoT/5G applications are being examined and tested commercially not only in the entertainment and automotive fields, but also in various other industrial fields. Adoption of IoT/5G is creating a synergy between IoT, 5G, cloud computing, big data, AI, edge computing, etc., leading to the appearance of previously unimagined new services and applications outside normal industrial boundaries.