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Based on our global experience in the mission critical communication market, we recognize that technological change is a fundamental part and often hazardous shift for most businesses in the field of critical communications, so our mission is to help you make the right decisions, deliver robust solutions and guide you safely through the complexity and myriad of options that organisation face. We’ll help you by bringing best practices on the table from around the world for your communication needs to choose from, which will help you to decide and transform your ability to adapt and change successfully, whilst helping you to avoid dead-ends and moribund technologies.

Which allows you to focus on what you do. Keep pace with change. Run your day to day business as normal.



Evolution Systems is able to provide consultancy services to your projects and communication delivery programmes, and this includes:

  • A wide range of fibre backbone transmission equipment (IP switches/routers/multiplexers);
  • A wide range of wireless transmission networks (narrow band/ broad band/point to point/point to multi-point/LTE)
  • Communications products such as CCTV, telephone exchanges
  • Operational applications including tele-protection systems


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