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Smarter WiFi Increases Operational Efficiency


As warehouses become more reliant on wireless devices for employee communication and inventory logistics, faster, more reliable WiFi connectivity ensures your supply chain operates efficiently with no down time.

No Ethernet? No problem

Since warehouses are not easy to wire, and WiFi is just as reliable as Ethernet, smart WiFi meshing is the ideal solution for easily extending WiFi services without the cost and complexity of pulling cable to every AP. The Ruckus ZoneFlex system supports Smart Mesh Networking that lets warehouses connect APs by simply plugging into a power socket. The AP is smart enough to do the rest. And, configuring Smart Meshing is as simple as clicking a check box. No manual defining of meshing links or tedious optimization. Smart Meshing organizes, optimizes, and heals on its own.

Simply better connections for mobile Devices

New WiFi enabled handheld devices pose serious challenges to large warehouse environments. Unlike laptops, the orientation of mobile devices constantly changes making it harder for WiFi systems to deliver a rock solid signal. Traditional omni-directional antennas were never developed to deal with this type of moving client and can’t properly adapt to changing orientation of clients. This results in dropped connections and erratic WiFi performance. Ruckus adaptive antenna technology uniquely solves these problems with patented, dual-polarised, adaptive antenna technology that selects the best signal path for every packet, even as the devices move around. This array automatically detects the client devices and sends signals that are vertically or horizontally polarised — remembering each client and the position of the client. Radio energy is focused and transmitted using the best performing signal path for each client on a per packet basis. The result is consistent and predictable performance you can count on

Real-time location tracking for asset management and inventory control

RTLS can be easily implemented to track and manage assets and materials. Ruckus works with leading RTLS vendors to develop and interface with their location engines to receive information from the Ruckus WLAN system. This capability can easily be invoked by simply checking a box on the ZoneDirector controller during the provisioning process.

Double Capacity, Double Coverage With Fewer Access Points

Ruckus’ unique adaptive antenna technology allows for a fast implementation, and fast, reliable connectivity. With recent advances in WiFi technology combined with Ruckus’ unique patented approach to WiFi signaling, smarter wireless WLANs now deliver unmatched wire-like performance and 2x to 4x the coverage range with fewer access points. This translates into lower infrastructure OPEX and CAPEX and a faster return on investment. Employing Ruckus’ dual-band 802.11n indoor and outdoor access points, warehouses can now have a robust WiFi infrastructure that delivers consistent performance everywhere, ensuring no down time or productivity loss due to mediocre WiFi.

Simple, Simple, Simple Configuration

Real-time location tracking (RTLS) is critical in the warehouse setting. The Ruckus ZoneFlex system is the industry’s simplest WLAN system to configure and deploy. It offers one of the most advanced set of WLAN features but without the cost and complexity typically associated with high-end systems. Configured in minutes and deployed in hours, the ZoneFlex system uses an intuitive Web-based wizard. Once configured, APs are simply plugged into a power source or PoE and self-configure by automatically discovering the ZoneDirector controller or SmartZone WiFi management system. APs can be deployed Unleashed mode or part of a centrally managed, full-featured WLAN. ZoneDirector controllers are deployed out of the datapath — eliminating performance bottlenecks and a single point of failure.